Pixel Battle Siege – Units

Hi again,

I would like to talk a bit about the units in Pixel Battle Siege (from now on PBS).

The units in the Classic mode are 5:

The knight is the main unit you’re going to be using. Its attack range is rather short, but it can run great distances along the board.


Ninjas in the forest, skilled archers whose only worry is pierce your skull with a black arrow. Its ranged attack might surprise you in more than one ambush.


The wizard has an area attack and gives support to all units on the board.


Defenders block incoming ranged attacks (it’s vulnerable to side attacks from knights, though). Only masterminds of strategy will know how to use them properly to block all attacks (not really, anyone can do it).


The siege is the most brutal unit on the board. It has the longest and widest range and therefore can smash your units in a quick and painless death. Nevertheless, it totally lacks moving capability.

And that’s all for now. Stay tuned for more detailed units’ description. Soon we’ll release the exact behavior of all units.


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