Pixel Battle Siege – Troop dynamics

So I finished coding the behaviour of the Defender units, and now I’m struggling with some death animations. As a way to cool down a bit, I decided to write a post with the detailed troop dynamics of the classic game mode. Both players get the same army, as I stated before in a previous post. This army is composed of a given number of Sieges, Wizards, Defenders, Rangers and Knights. But what is the role of each of these?

Sieges: Sieges have a long-ranged attack. They are capable of killing any unit in a 2×3 area at a distance of 7 squares. A square is basically a cell, where units stand, like any grid or chess-board. While lethal, Sieges have one major weakness: once a unit gets past its range, it can’t attack under it, nor can it move backwards, so moving sieges forward to get better range is a crucial decision. Also, sieges only move one square at a time.

Wizards: Uncommon as Sieges, wizards have less range or area of attack, but are more versatile. They move two squares at a time, and are able to hit enemies that stand diagonally in front of them. While they won’t be able to hit units directly in front of them, they make great support for archers or knights.

Defenders: Defenders are possibly they key to victory. If you can get your defenders to survive longer than those of the enemy, you’re probably well off to win the game. Although defenders don’t attack, they cover every unit at their sides or behind them from rangers’ and wizards’ attacks. Also, only knights attacking their flanks can kill a defender. If you’re planning on advancing your troops without getting shot down, defenders are the way to go. They move two squares.

Rangers: Rangers are great to stop the advance of the enemy. They shoot in a straight line at a maximum reach of four squares. They can also hit at three squares of distance, but any range lower than that and they’ll be an easy prey for the enemy. Their biggest trouble are defenders, as they will probably frustrate most of their attacks. They still serve as a good deterrent, though. They also move two squares.

Knights: Last but not least, Knights are the core of your army. They’re the faster units (three squares), and their attacks cover the squares at their flanks and in front of them. Although they don’t have ranged attacks as other units, their mobility and ability to kill defenders from the flank make them precious. They are also good at bypassing sieges’ range, and also have a heavy burden as a defensive unit to kill off enemies that have reached melee on your ranged troops.

Advanced mode will feature some more units than these, but we will be revealing those over time. Feel free to leave any comments or questions. Cheers!


PS.: I’m attaching the prototype of the board that we used in the first builds of the game so that you can see its size. It’s 12×12 squares, four more than chess. More ground to watch over! 😉Image

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2 responses to “Pixel Battle Siege – Troop dynamics”

  1. LT_Spartan says :

    I am starting to love this game already ;D

  2. GodDonaught Studios says :

    Thanks, LT_Spartan! Any support keeps up going! 🙂


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