Pixel Battle Siege – Turn Dynamics

Drithyl here! So I just finished coding all of the necessary structure to incorporate the death animations I mentioned in the last post. I will talk to you now about how turns work, as it’s not quite like chess where you just get a move.

Because the board is 12×12 squares, which makes a total of 144 squares, and units do not move more than two or three squares at a time, the game would be really slow if only one unit could take action each turn. Instead, each player gets a total of five actions during his turn. Moving one unit counts as an action, and so does killing an enemy. Also, each unit will only be able to do one attack action and one movement action per turn (you can’t spend your five actions on a single troop).

At first we considered the possibility of granting the player three movement+attack actions each turn, but we settled on counting movement and attack separately, and on the number five for being odd. This way, a player will never be able to move three units and attack with those three units in the same turn, he has to give it some thought and take tactical decisions that will, in the long run, determine how efficiently your army performs.

Be sure to not waste any actions! Also, it is possible to skip your turn anytime you want, in case you’d like to stay in a defensive position after using only a couple of actions.

That’s all for now! Cheers!

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