Pizza or die!

No, we’re not threatening our fan-base to give us pizza (although that would be much appreciated, thanks!). Pizza or die! is the name of the Steam group that just agreed to post an announcement for us to help us get some exposure, so I’m returning the favour by featuring their group here.

So if you own a Steam account, be sure to check it out! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of great people there!




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About GodDonaught Studios

Independent game-developping studios based in Spain and Poland trying to make a living out of one of the most fulfilling arts.

3 responses to “Pizza or die!”

  1. Fluiq says :

    Looking forward to it, also I’d like to thank you, because I promoted your game I now got approached by other new indie developers as well who are also interested in promoting their games.

    I will be adding a forum for discussions about the game, and it will be announced again once you release it.

    • Fluiq says :

      Update on this, I noticed there was some bad formatting in my announcement, I fixed it, also I removed my bias for actionscript because it probably is not good for support, I created a forum post about it as well, because an announcement fades to the background quite quickly.

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