Since my colleague Pawel is preparing a post on the new graphics he’s been making for each unit (and they look real awesome, I can tell you), I thought I could write a post about the name of our studios (about time).

It’s easy to think that we simply wrote it the wrong way, but no, we’re aware that doughnuts are written like… doughnuts. Actually, the idea for the name of the studio came up after we saw a smartphone autocorrecting the expression “Goddammit!” to “God doughnut” (it was actually an image found on 9gag on smartphone autocorrects, but we though it so hilarious that we decided to make it our name.

However, we did not want to limit the imagination to the word “doughnut”, which simply refers to some pastries. So instead we changed the word a bit. Pronunciation was also altered, of course, since now it would be pronounced roughly as /’dʊnʌt/, and this phonetical change can lead to several interpretations for the meaning of the name. So we settled with that.

And that’s enough of my philological rambling. I won’t bug you anymore with this issue, but I just thought it would be cool to inform our supporters that we are indeed aware that we didn’t write “doughnut” like it is intended to be written. Hope you like the changes!




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