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Inactivity Explained

There has been a lot of inactivity going on lately, in our projects and our news. We are aware that this reflects poorly for readers, but there are some reasons for this silence, and as the good fellow I am, I am going to state them here for everyone to see.

First and foremost: I have moved to Poland! I arrived here at Krakow last week, and have been installing myself since then. I am currently starting a job to be able to eat and pay my rent (that kind of unimportant stuff), and am also looking for an appartment near my colleague Pawel (actually right now I’m sleeping at his place). All of this leaves us few time to develop, for now.

Second: The reason I came here is to develop in real life, rather than through Skype, but as I am still getting used to the job (I start at 8am and finish at 4:30pm), I come home quite tired and with documents and papers to fill, so I haven’t been able to properly work on games yet.

And that’s probably all there is to it. As much as I dislike not working on our projects and put a stop to everything for a couple of days, I did not have much choice. Hopefully, week-end is starting and I will be able to work on Zombie’s Daughter (which by the way, the last update is taking longer than planned because we are adding more than promised – some monsters to give color to the whole!).

I hope you can understand the circumstances of our silence.

I love you all. Peace, guys!