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Inactivity Explained

There has been a lot of inactivity going on lately, in our projects and our news. We are aware that this reflects poorly for readers, but there are some reasons for this silence, and as the good fellow I am, I am going to state them here for everyone to see.

First and foremost: I have moved to Poland! I arrived here at Krakow last week, and have been installing myself since then. I am currently starting a job to be able to eat and pay my rent (that kind of unimportant stuff), and am also looking for an appartment near my colleague Pawel (actually right now I’m sleeping at his place). All of this leaves us few time to develop, for now.

Second: The reason I came here is to develop in real life, rather than through Skype, but as I am still getting used to the job (I start at 8am and finish at 4:30pm), I come home quite tired and with documents and papers to fill, so I haven’t been able to properly work on games yet.

And that’s probably all there is to it. As much as I dislike not working on our projects and put a stop to everything for a couple of days, I did not have much choice. Hopefully, week-end is starting and I will be able to work on Zombie’s Daughter (which by the way, the last update is taking longer than planned because we are adding more than promised – some monsters to give color to the whole!).

I hope you can understand the circumstances of our silence.

I love you all. Peace, guys!



Zombie’s Daughter – Beta 2.0 released!

Hey there!

We finally bring you the new version of Zombie’s Daughter, with some major graphical changes! While weapon upgrades are not yet implemented, we did add zombies visually, as well as a new kind of zombie: the Heart Heater! This big guy is much tougher than normal zombies, and will also deplete the wood of your doors faster. You will see him appearing after you complete wave 5!

Here’s the detailed changelog, also included as a .txt in the release package:

Beta 2.0 changelog

+ changed interface
+ changed zombie sprite
+ added new monster: Heart Heater
+ added coin animation
+ added music loops during horde attack
+ added “game over” music+ changed shop to prepare it for the weapons upgrade update
+ added church sprite and animations
+ You can now leave your mouse button pressed on assigning buttons (yay! you won’t lose your fingers thanks to Zombie’s Daughter!)


You read that right, you can now assign resources without having to click for each unit! About time, yes. I hope you enjoy this new release, and be sure to tell us what you think!

Also, you’ll be surprised when you open the shop for the first time. “He” is a nice guy, so you shouldn’t be scared of “him”, despite his weird looks.


P.S: As always, you will be able to download the file as soon as it gets authorized.

P.P.S: You might have noticed that the blog is currently not being updated much. The reason for this is that we’re mainly focusing on IndieDB, as it’s where we can draw a bigger attention towards us, so from now on, be sure to check on us at, you’ll get the latest news there!

Zombie’s Daughter – Beta Release


Great news everyone! I’ll be submitting the beta release of Zombie’s Daughter in a short while to our page in IndieDB, and after it gets authorized (which will probably take at least one day), you’ll be able to download it and try it out for yourselves!

Some notes about the release:

-We ended up adding a system of upgrades (sort of a tech-tree) for each door that allows you to invest money earned by fending off waves into several  supporting effects (increased zombie’s death rate, decreased wood loss rate, etc…). This allows for different strategies as each player will get to choose which upgrades s/he wishes to get first.

-Since this is a beta release, mainly aimed at testing the balance of the game, there are things that are not yet implemented: your game will be lost upon exitting, so there’s currently no game-saving. Highscores and of course the Reset Button in the menu aren’t yet working either. Finally, the weapon upgrades tech-tree is not implemented either. Along with these, you should expect bugs (it is precisely the reason why we’re releasing a beta, to track bugs and balance the game).

-Please submit your feedback of the game at We’ll appreciate any info concerning found bugs, the balance of the game, and general opinions and views as to what is lacking and what content could be added in future releases.

-Although I myself will be off for some days (I just graduated from college! Yay!), I will still be able to keep track of our networks via cellphone. Pablo will also be on the watch. After coming back on the 24th we’ll get back to upgrading the game and adding new functionalities, on top of fixing whatever may arise, so be sure to have extensive feedback by then!

And that’s really all you need to know! The game file will be found at as soon as it gets authorized. You can also check on the game’s profile the newest screenshots coming along with the release while you wait!





Since my colleague Pawel is preparing a post on the new graphics he’s been making for each unit (and they look real awesome, I can tell you), I thought I could write a post about the name of our studios (about time).

It’s easy to think that we simply wrote it the wrong way, but no, we’re aware that doughnuts are written like… doughnuts. Actually, the idea for the name of the studio came up after we saw a smartphone autocorrecting the expression “Goddammit!” to “God doughnut” (it was actually an image found on 9gag on smartphone autocorrects, but we though it so hilarious that we decided to make it our name.

However, we did not want to limit the imagination to the word “doughnut”, which simply refers to some pastries. So instead we changed the word a bit. Pronunciation was also altered, of course, since now it would be pronounced roughly as /’dʊnʌt/, and this phonetical change can lead to several interpretations for the meaning of the name. So we settled with that.

And that’s enough of my philological rambling. I won’t bug you anymore with this issue, but I just thought it would be cool to inform our supporters that we are indeed aware that we didn’t write “doughnut” like it is intended to be written. Hope you like the changes!



Komendancie – What I do

Hello there humans,

I’m the third member of GodDonaught Studios (or whatever the name actually is). I’m also a coder, starting to learn the trade and the first project I’ll tackle will be a little survive-to-the-horde-of-zombies-in-a-motherfucking-church kind of game that we hope will give you hours of fun.

It will basically be a real-time resource manager in which you’ll have to choose the best use of your manpower to survive the maximum time possible.

Stay tuned for updates 😉


Pizza or die!

No, we’re not threatening our fan-base to give us pizza (although that would be much appreciated, thanks!). Pizza or die! is the name of the Steam group that just agreed to post an announcement for us to help us get some exposure, so I’m returning the favour by featuring their group here.

So if you own a Steam account, be sure to check it out! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of great people there!



IndieDB page

We’re now officialy a developer in IndieDB! We’ll be adding Pixel Battle Siege as one of our games as soon as it gets authorized, and we’ll keep the updates flowing both in this blog and there. Here’s the link to the company, be sure to check it out! You’ll see some in-game screenshots of PBS once it gets approved!

You can also check our Facebook page ( or our twitter (@GodDonaught) if you rather use those channels!