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Something new

Hi there,

Just to let you know, Pixel Battle Siege is not the only project GodDonaught studios is working on.

The third member of GodDonaught is going to introduce himself in a while and he’ll tell you a bit more about it, since he’s the one working undercover on this.

The following image belongs to the main menu of an incoming app by GodDonaught Studios.

Stay tuned,



Paweł – What I do



Hi there folks,

My name is Paweł and I’m the guy that draws stuff. Everything you’ll see in our games will be most likely drawn by me. What I love about animation is the powerful feeling of giving life to little hand-drawn/digitally-drawn dudes that come out of my mind.

I studied Image and Sound and animation, and I also started a degree in Italian philology, but honestly, it’s nothing worth mentioning 😀

I currently live in Poland, beautiful country (despite the increasingly amazing number of polar bears on the street), where I try to have a normal life with my beloved cat Zapalniczka who will some day rule the world.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the zombiewalk gif I’ve made for you,

Goddonaught Studios’ first post

Hi there!

As this is the first post on this blog (hopefully, out of many more), I feel like I should introduce you, dear reader, to… well, to everything here.

What is GodDonaught Studios?

We are a small, hard-working and quick-learning game-developping team. The whole thing started very recently. Our goal is to become independent and be able to devote ourselves full-time to this trade. Of course, we still have a long way to go, but things are moving rather quick, and you’ll probably be seeing the first results of our efforts in this same blog in the near future.

What is this blog about?

As we can’t yet afford to have our own domain, this blog is where we will upload everything concerning our projects and their development. Thus, this is a devblog. Although we are aware that for now we are only capable of producing small, entertaining (and yet awesome!) games, we will try to escalate quickly towards bigger products.

So what are these projects you keep talking about, you’re probably asking. Our first and foremost game is called Pixel Battle Siege. Pixel Battle Siege is a strategy board-game which will require a lot of thought and tactical awareness. You could say it’s like chess, only with a bigger board, longer turns, and in the near future, with the possibility of choosing your army yourself. So why make it a pc game, instead of a board game? The answer is simple: we intend to produce a multiplayer version so that two players can confront each other regardless of where they live.

For now, the classic, local game mode is nearly finished. In this mode, both players get the same army and an unlimited time for planning their moves each turn. We already did some testing and things got quickly out of hand, turning what started as some everyday testing into a fierce battle of thought. We will be posting updates on the development and probably some screenshots soon enough.

Who is Goddonaught Studios?

I ramble too much. GodDonaught Studios is formed of essentially three persons:

-Drithyl: That would be me. I’m a 23-year-old Spanish guy who just finished his Degree in English Philology and decided that Poe, Hawthorne and Shakespeare were cool enough, but games were even cooler. So I just started learning coding recently. I introduced myself to ActionScript 3 (I also started some C++) to start making some small games as practice. Pixel Battle Siege is the result of this training. I am very excited with all of this, and my mind keeps distracting me from development by popping up more and more great ideas for great games. If this goes well, those will come true some day too.

Aaaand I will let the other two guys introduce themselves. For now, I will pour me a sweet, hot cup of tea and keep on writing code! You’ll be hearing from me soon enough. Cheers!

PS: As a little teaser…