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Zombie’s Daughter – Ingame screenshot


Hey guys! Ok, first of all, game is still in progress, of course, so everything you see in the screenshot I’m sharing here might and will change. This said, what do we have here? I’ll explain it to you.

The background is the church’s plan. You can easily distinguish the four doors placed on it, and each door contains three boxes: wood, manpower and ammunition. The resources on the top-left corner are the ones to be assigned to these doors.

There are also three different spots labelled with an axe, a fork and knife, and some ammunition boxes. These are where you assign manpower (as you can see to the left of the knife and fork) so that you start getting resources over time, although as I mentioned on the previous post, these people assigned have a chance to die every now and then (zombies, zombies everywhere!).

The game is also tracking the current time (Saturday, 17:28), and every some hours (or minutes), you’ll have hordes attacking your church. Also, the game will recover the current playthrough, so you’ll be able to close it and open it without any problems. What will your mission be? Well, survive for as long as possible! If any of the door’s wood reaches zero, your church will be breached and you will lose. Alternatively, if your manpower goes down to zero, same happens!

Hope you like the whole idea. Cheers!



Zombie’s Daughter – Brief introduction

Your favorite coder here, Drithyl (not even close!). Today I’m going to do a brief introduction to Zombie’s Daughter, a minigame that we’ll be releasing for free!.

Zombie’s Daughter could be labeled as a small desktop app where you take in charge the survival of several people trapped in a church, while a zombie apocalypse is raging outside (I know, we’re SO creative!). The church will have several doors that will need to be protected at all costs to avoid zombies breaching in and slaughtering everyone. The game is connected to your computer’s clock, and every now and then the church will suffer an attack from a zombie horde, from which you’ll have to defend yourself. While this doesn’t happen, you prepare yourself the better you can. You’ll have to manage four different resources to accomplish this: Manpower, Ammunition, Wood and Food.


Manpower: it represents the number of people you have available to do several tasks (from defending each door to harvesting resources). The more you have, the better you will be at managing things at avoiding zombie breaches.

Ammunition: Ammunition is assigned to every door in different quantities. Without ammunition, you can’t possible defend yourself when a horde comes attacking you. If a door runs out of ammo, you better re-assign some there, or else… “you’re gonna have a baaad time”.

Wood: Wood is what keeps doors unbroken. Attacking hordes will try to break your doors, therefore reducing the wood of each. You can’t re-assign wood during a horde attack (not easy to move around planks and other pieces of wood and repair doors while under attack), so you better think well before assigning wood to each door.

Food: Food is the only resource that’s not assigned anywhere. However, it goes down over time, even when you are not being attacked. If your food goes down to zero, your people will start dying (manpower will start going down). And if your manpower ever reaches zero… Well, you lose!


Now, how do you actually harvest resources? While not under attack, you can assign manpower to specific locations where you can gather resources over time. Problem is, those locations tend to be outside the church, and therefore the assigned manpower has a chance of dying, even if the church is not directly under attack.

That’s all for now. Since this is a mini-game, it’s not harming the development of PBS, and it won’t take us long to have a release that you people can enjoy!

Live and Learn!