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Zombie’s Daughter – Beta Release


Great news everyone! I’ll be submitting the beta release of Zombie’s Daughter in a short while to our page in IndieDB, and after it gets authorized (which will probably take at least one day), you’ll be able to download it and try it out for yourselves!

Some notes about the release:

-We ended up adding a system of upgrades (sort of a tech-tree) for each door that allows you to invest money earned by fending off waves into several  supporting effects (increased zombie’s death rate, decreased wood loss rate, etc…). This allows for different strategies as each player will get to choose which upgrades s/he wishes to get first.

-Since this is a beta release, mainly aimed at testing the balance of the game, there are things that are not yet implemented: your game will be lost upon exitting, so there’s currently no game-saving. Highscores and of course the Reset Button in the menu aren’t yet working either. Finally, the weapon upgrades tech-tree is not implemented either. Along with these, you should expect bugs (it is precisely the reason why we’re releasing a beta, to track bugs and balance the game).

-Please submit your feedback of the game at goddonaughtstudios@gmail.com. We’ll appreciate any info concerning found bugs, the balance of the game, and general opinions and views as to what is lacking and what content could be added in future releases.

-Although I myself will be off for some days (I just graduated from college! Yay!), I will still be able to keep track of our networks via cellphone. Pablo will also be on the watch. After coming back on the 24th we’ll get back to upgrading the game and adding new functionalities, on top of fixing whatever may arise, so be sure to have extensive feedback by then!

And that’s really all you need to know! The game file will be found at http://www.indiedb.com/games/zombies-daughter/downloads as soon as it gets authorized. You can also check on the game’s profile the newest screenshots coming along with the release while you wait!





Sounds in PBS


Other than the sprites and animations, I’m also taking care of the soundfx/music side of Pixel Battle Siege.

The sounds in PBS are all created by us recording and mixing straight from the microphone, using everyday objects I find around me at the time of recording.

However, for the music I’m mainly using two guitars and ukulele. I’d like to make some piano loops for the battles but so far I haven’t got a keyboard or anything like that.

Here you can listen to the loop we’re currently using as the main menu music:



PBS – Some artwork


I would like to let you see some of the early drawings of the units.

All these drawings are to be animated in the future, to have an animation be displayed every time a unit gets killed by another.

A quick note on the Cleric drawing – when we started with PBS the unit distribution was different, and so were some units. Instead of the wizard, there was the CLERIC unit. its function was supposed to be some sort of support role. However, we decided we’ll implement its behavior in the Advanced mode of PBS.



Something new

Hi there,

Just to let you know, Pixel Battle Siege is not the only project GodDonaught studios is working on.

The third member of GodDonaught is going to introduce himself in a while and he’ll tell you a bit more about it, since he’s the one working undercover on this.

The following image belongs to the main menu of an incoming app by GodDonaught Studios.

Stay tuned,


Paweł – What I do



Hi there folks,

My name is Paweł and I’m the guy that draws stuff. Everything you’ll see in our games will be most likely drawn by me. What I love about animation is the powerful feeling of giving life to little hand-drawn/digitally-drawn dudes that come out of my mind.

I studied Image and Sound and animation, and I also started a degree in Italian philology, but honestly, it’s nothing worth mentioning 😀

I currently live in Poland, beautiful country (despite the increasingly amazing number of polar bears on the street), where I try to have a normal life with my beloved cat Zapalniczka who will some day rule the world.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the zombiewalk gif I’ve made for you,